Colin Bosa
Colin Bosa

Craftsmanship Built on Strong Foundations

The Bosa family immigrated to Vancouver from Italy in the 1950's to start a small construction company. Five decades later, that small company has matured into one of Canada's most respected, privately-owned businesses. The in-house construction team remains an integral part of Bosa's foundation

Building a Future

Bosa Family
1958: Robert Bosa emigrates from Italy to Canada at age 11 alongside his 8 brothers and sisters.
Bosa Site
1961: Robert joins his brothers at age 14, building single-family homes in Vancouver
Robert Bosa's Carpentry Diploma
1964: Robert Bosa receives his carpentry certificate from Vancouver Vocational Institute
Bosa Brothers Construction
1980: Bosa Brothers Construction is formed, building single-family homes and small developments for growing families
Jardines Lookout
1991: Bosa Properties develops its first residential tower - Jardine's Lookout in downtown Vancouver

A Reputation Crafted Over Five Decades

With over 50 years of experience, Bosa Properties has earned the respect of their customers by delivering on complex projects, following through on their commitments and operating with the utmost integrity. Meticulous attention to detail and high level of quality is carried throughout the project life cycle, from acquisitions and development to construction and customer care.
We envision every project as a singular and lasting work of architecture that makes a positive contribution to its environment
Colin Bosa

The Bosa Collection

A world class portfolio in Metro Vancouver

Cardero, Coal Harbour
Cardero, Coal Harbour
Jameson House, Downtown Vancouver
Jameson House, Downtown Vancouver
Fifteen Fifteen, Coal Harbour
Fifteen Fifteen, Coal Harbour